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Data Aire Introduces The New gPod Series, Precision Environmental Control for Grow Applications

Data Aire has entered the indoor growing market with introduction of its new gPod series of precision cooling. Now, indoor growers can enjoy the same precise temperature, humidity control, convenience and flexibility as some of the largest and most important data centers in the world. Data Aire’s sophisticated, yet affordable gPod cooling units offer precise cooling and humidity control along with a carbon dioxide injection system all regulated from your iPad. This ultimately equates to higher and more potent yields. Data Aire’s gPod is perfect for indoor growing environments where floor space is limited. The gPod is available in a wide range of system configurations and types, including air cooled, water/glycol cooled and chilled water. Multiple gPods can be linked and centrally or remotely controlled. Units are available in 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 ton configurations. Please visit www.data aire.com for more information or inquire at mail@ksrassoc.com for selection help.

KSR ASSOCIATES Says Goodbye To Mr. Richard Kraus

KSR Associates is sad to announce that Mr. Richard (Dick) Kraus passed away on Thursday, October 29th, 2015. While we’re saddened by this event, Dick was blessed to die at his home in Orange, CA, surrounded by his five children and several grandchildren. Dick was 82 years old and had been with Kaiser Sales / KSR Associates since 1994.

Dick led an amazing life. He was born in New York City in 1933, graduated from Duke University with a BSME in 1955, served as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, retired after 13 years in 1968, and then spent the next 47 years operating as a professional sales engineer in the HVAC industry. His five children, Steve, Aimee, Dave, Mary Louise and John are all accomplished musicians, educators and dedicated family men and women, residing in the Fullerton area of Orange County, CA.

Dick was well known as a true gentleman, dapper dresser and connoisseur of everything from art to Swiss watches to port wine to Mozart. We at KSR will truly miss his classy presence, kind demeanor, professionalism, and most of all, his unwavering mentorship and friendship.

KSR introduces the IMI Flow Design “HookBook”, a new 3-ring binder designed for people in the hydronics side of the HVAC industry

KSR Associates is proud to present our new reference tool developed for HVAC industry professionals faced with the challenge of choosing proper hydronic piping kits and components for application within a wide array of HVAC applications. The preassembled piping kits featured in the HookBook have proven to lower labor costs by simplifying the balancing process and reducing the number of connections, which also drops the chances of leaks. In addition, when shipping, by “bagging and tagging” the complete kits as shown, jobsite coordination and accuracy is greatly enhanced, saving you time and money.

Inside each HookBook, you will find a dozen drawings showing the most common balancing piping kits, separated into two categories; manual “Flowset” type, as well as automatic “Autoflow” type, both offered with or without hoses. In addition, there is information on the actual Autoflow cartridges, steel hook-ups, the ICSS in-line flow controller and a notebook with graph paper for your notes.

Flow Design, Inc. (FDI), a division of IMI Indoor Climate, is located in Dallas, Texas. FDI has been a major participant in the HVAC hydronic industry for decades, specializing in piping kits, hose kits and valves. KSR Associates / Kaiser Sales Corporation has represented Flow Design, Inc. since the 1980s.

To receive a copy of the IMI Flow Design HookBook, please send a quick email to mail@ksrassoc.com and we’ll be happy to deliver or mail one!

KSR Associates Welcomes Mr. Greg Flynn

KSR Associates is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Greg Flynn to our organization. Greg has worked in the HVAC industry for many years and has a degree in economics from UCLA, bringing a unique range of experience with him to KSR. Please see the “Our Team” page for Greg’s contact information.

IMI Flow Design Announces the Launch of its New “Equalizer” Differential Pressure Control Device

IMI Flow Design has launched its newest product designed to improve the differential pressure control in commercial HVAC systems with the Equalizer, a cost effective method to achieve pressure independence throughout systems, without the need to install a pressure independent control valve at every heat exchanger or terminal unit. Simply installing the Equalizer on a riser, floor, or branch level in new construction or renovation projects, will provide system stabilization, ease of balance and maintenance, and field adjustability. This is critical for future renovations in our world of ever changing buildings and HVAC systems! Please visit www.flowdesign.com for more information or inquire at mail@ksrassoc.com for selection help.

Addison Announces the Launch of its New Semi-Custom PR Rooftop Series

Addison is proud to officially launch its new semi-custom rooftop unit, the PR series. The PR series ranges from 3-55 tons in heat pump configuration, and offers all the traditional options associated with Addison rooftop units, such as harsh environment coatings and energy recovery wheels. In addition, this product offers a host of new features, such as: 100% outside air capability, digital scroll compressors, modulating hot gas reheat, direct drive supply and exhaust fans, horizontal supply and exhaust options, 2”, R13 insulation, pre-filters, true final filter design, and incredibly, over 2 million configuration options. Available in air-cooled, water-cooled, heat pump and chilled water, with gas, electric and hydronic heating. Please visit www.addison-hvac.com for more information or inquire at mail@ksrassoc.com for selection help.

Data Aire announces the Launch of its New gForce Precision In-Row Cooling Series

Data Aire has launched its new g-Force In-Row cooling series that is quickly adjustable to direct cold air to hot spot targets with curved air exiting geometry that utilizes the Coanda effect. This allows designers maximum flexibility in placement of the coolers in server groups. The g-Force IR is available in 2-20 tons nominal, in both 12” and 24” widths, depending on the tonnage needed and comes in DX and chilled water configurations. A key challenge in the design of this style of CRAC equipment is ease of service, and very importantly, Data Aire kept that in mind thru the process, and has succeeded in designing a very serviceable in-row cooler. Please visit www.dataaire.com for more information or inquire at mail@ksrassoc.com for selection help.

KSR ASSOCIATES Welcome Mr. Del Rahman

KSR ASSOCIATES is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Del Rahman to our organization. Del has a diverse background in the HVAC industry, having worked with other manufacturers’ representatives in the Southern California area. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mec hanical engineering from the University of New Orleans and will primarily focus his efforts on assisting the local engineering community with project design. Please see the “Our Team” page for Del’s contact information.


KSR ASSOCIATES is pleased to announce the addition of two new manufacturers to our lineup; Addison 100% outside air DX systems and Annexair 100% outside air DX systems and custom energy recovery systems. Please visit the “Manufacturers Represented” page to visit the manufacturers’ websites or please contact your KSR representative for further information.