Consulting-Specifying Engineer readers have cast their votes for the 2016 Product of the Year; the DL Hybrid Humidifier receives silver in the category of Air Movement, Dehumidification and Humidification.

Winners of the 12th annual Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year awards have been announced with Cordair Humidity being included in this list of prestigious products.

In this annual competition companies submit from their new and improved products debuted in 2015 to be judged for this distinguished honor. Then readers whittled them down to 48 winners.

Hybrid humidifier

The DL Series is a hybrid humidifier that intelligently combines two adiabatic methods of atomization and evaporation. The innovative design integrates low-pressure atomizing nozzles with evaporative media to benefit from instant response times found in high-pressure systems and the excellent efficiencies typically seen in evaporative units. This innovation allows for installation lengths to be as short as 24 in., making it perfect for retrofit applications where space is limited and saving thousands in air handling unit construction. The porous ceramic design minimizes pressure drop, lowering energy costs in fan operation. The ceramic media captures any unevaporated water on the media surface for additional humidification-reducing water consumption and improving water efficiency up to 95%.