Data Aire

Data Aire, located here in our very own Southern California backyard in Orange, CA, is a division of Construction Specialties and is one of the best known, preeminent makers of CRAC equipment in the world.

Data Aire was the first manufacturer to build equipment for raised floor applications and continues to be a leader with the new in-row and g-Force Ultra floor mounted series complete with VFD direct-driven plenum fans, electronic expansion valves and economizers. Data Aire can also claim possession of the most varied and complete ceiling series in the industry.

Energy regulations are being addressed with state of the art energy-saving technology, and much of the Data Aire line is now listed with the DOE and CEC. In addition, despite limitations on utilizing electric humidification in data centers, CRAC continues to be a viable alternative for any 24/7 duty application. In addition, Humidification can be accomplished with one of the many technologies offered by Cordair, another KSR manufacturer.

Data Aire has also customized their ceiling series for application in grow facilities, where C02 introduction and time scheduling are critical.

Please support manufacturing of CRAC equipment here in SoCal by giving Data Aire a look at Videos of interest are below.

Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems

  • 1-13 Ton Ceiling Mounted Units
  • 2-30 Ton Floor Mounted Units
  • 40 & 50 Ton Chilled Water Units
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Unity Cooling Air Management
  • In-row DX and CW rack and row solutions

Manufacturer Videos

Introducing the gForce Ultra series
Introducing the gForce In-Row series
Testimonial for choosing Data Aire for mission critical applications
Testimonial on Data Aire as a dependable partner on a major 24/7 application
Testimonial on Data Aire for grow facilities