About KSR Associates, LLC.

KSR Associates is an independent HVAC manufacturers’ representative serving seven counties in Southern California. We proudly represent top manufacturers located in North America who are engaged in diverse, niche specific market segments. KSR consciously limits the number of companies we represent because we know that we can best serve you by having a deep knowledge of the specialized equipment our manufacturers build.

Some of the areas we concentrate on include: chillers with Turbocor magnetic bearing technology, computer room air conditioning, evaporative cooling in direct and 2-stage indirect/direct platforms, humidification, adiabatic cooling, dehumidification, water source heat pumps, fan coils, packaged terminal air conditioners, gas phase filtration, air purification, odor control, DX 100% makeup air units, piping kits, valves.

Our organization is built on a long tradition of personalized, professional service. Our sales team consists of experienced sales engineers and assistants who can be counted on for timely, knowledgeable advice, and assistance. When entrusted with your business, you can expect an unsurpassed level of customer service and attention from us while in the design phase, as well as during and after the actual shipment, installation, and startup of equipment.

Currently, changes in the HVAC market are abundant. It seems VRF is the default answer for more and more HVAC applications. Of course, as all of us in the commercial HVAC industry know, one size does not fit all and there are many applications that require a bit more ingenuity. That’s where we can be of help. Please take a peek at the new applications page on this website to see what we’re talking about. We stand ready to provide exceptional assistance to those who need something off the beaten path.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

KSR Associates, LLC.