Arctic Chiller Group The Arctic Chiller Group is the global leader in manufacturing chiller systems, designing cost-efficient leading-edge chillers and applied solutions to meet individual customer needs. Their products include modular chillers, magnetic bearing chillers, heat recovery chillers, critical duty chillers and modules, industrial process chillers and refrigeration systems, and optimized chiller-plant controllers. The Arctic Chiller Group serves a wide range of markets and industries. With their extensive chiller capabilities, virtually any request can be fulfilled. The Arctic Chiller Group has manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States, with chiller installations worldwide.

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  • 60-440 ton air-cooled centrifugal chillers
  • 60-1,500 ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers
  • 60-375 ton oil-free condenserless systems
  • 60-240 ton oil-free condensing units
  • Turbocore oil-free, ultraquiet compressors

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