Dectron is undoubtedly the world’s premier manufacturer of energy recycling mechanical dehumidifiers, having introduced the industry’s first such equipment back in the 1970s. Dectron pioneered the indoor pool dehumidification market by trying to resolve a problem found in all buildings with Indoor Pools: “Structural Damage due to Humidity”. In this pursuit, the Engineers at Dectron designed and manufactured the very first DRY-O-TRON®, a mechanical dehumidification system to control humidity, and at the same time, use the same energy by-products to increase comfort by controlling both pool and air temperature within the enclosure.

Innovations such as “Purge Mode” and “ChloraGuard” allow Dectron to continue in its roles as the leader in indoor pool environmental control.

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Dehumidification Systems

  • Indoor Pool/Spa Humidity Control
  • Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifiers
  • Light Commercial/Residential Dehumidifiers

Manufacturer Videos

Why indoor pools need special attention in regard to HVAC systems.
Engineers and the challenges of indoor pools.
Indoor pools; why mechanical dehumidification?
The inner workings of a Dectron “Dryotron” dehumidification unit.
Dealing with odors and chloramine concentration in a natatorium.
Heat recovery system for energy savings.
Remote web, monitoring and control.
Ecotron by Dectron. Custom equipment for specialized applications.