KSR Associates is proud to present our new reference tool developed for HVAC industry professionals faced with the challenge of choosing proper hydronic piping kits and components for application within a wide array of HVAC applications. The preassembled piping kits featured in the HookBook have proven to lower labor costs by simplifying the balancing process and reducing the number of connections, which also drops the chances of leaks. In addition, when shipping, by “bagging and tagging” the complete kits as shown, jobsite coordination and accuracy is greatly enhanced, saving you time and money.

Inside each HookBook, you will find a dozen drawings showing the most common balancing piping kits, separated into two categories; manual “Flowset” type, as well as automatic “Autoflow” type, both offered with or without hoses. In addition, there is information on the actual Autoflow cartridges, steel hook-ups, the ICSS in-line flow controller and a notebook with graph paper for your notes.

Flow Design, Inc. (FDI), a division of IMI Indoor Climate, is located in Dallas, Texas. FDI has been a major participant in the HVAC hydronic industry for decades, specializing in piping kits, hose kits and valves. KSR Associates / Kaiser Sales Corporation has represented Flow Design, Inc. since the 1980s.

To receive a copy of the IMI Flow Design HookBook, please send a quick email to mail@ksrassoc.com and we’ll be happy to deliver or mail one!