Cordair is introducing their new, energy saving “MH SERIES” evaporative humidifier/adiabatic cooling technology, designed specifically for Green/LEED building requirements. This product is engineered for use in air handling units and duct applications where reducing the dry bulb temperature of the air and/or humidifying the air is desired. The MH SERIES utilizes V-profile media with UL 900 Class 1 Rating, hygroscopic coating, and high velocity performance at low pressure losses. An MH SERIES media evaporative humidifier/ adiabatic cooler can be constructed up to 130″ x 130″ in a frame complete with spray nozzles, pump, etc., with humidification capacities up to 2500 lbs. per hour. All types of water can be utilized, with easy maintenance the result with ultra-pure water applications. An advanced total controller is used to manage and monitor the MH system. This is a perfect energy saving technology for application in our Southern California climate. For further information, please contact your KSR ASSOCIATES sales engineer or check out