Zehnder Rittling

Zehnder-Rittling has been around for many decades as a worldwide HVAC manufacturer and builds equipment for the US market in a pristine, cutting-edge facility in Buffalo, NY.

Fan coils, water source heat pumps and radiant panels are the main offerings suitable for our Southern California market.

Zehnder Group attaches special importance not only to functionality, but also to the aesthetic impact of its products. Development is always carried out by an interdisciplinary team. This ‘think tank’ of designers, product developers and brand experts oversees the entire product development process, from the market and product analysis and technical specification to the first designs and actual production.

Please see the video below on radiant panels.

Please visit www.zehnder-rittling.com for a closer look or inquire at mail@ksrassoc.com for more information and selection assistance.

Fan Coil Units

  • Vertical Stacked WSHPs
  • Vertical Hi Rise Fan Coils
  • Horizontal Fan Coils
  • Vertical Fan Coils
  • Unit Heaters
  • Hydronic Heating Systems

Manufacturer Videos

Zehnder Rittling at American University