Aermec was brought to North America in 2008 and has continued to grow rapidly over the years. In addition to building the world’s quietest fan coils, Aermec builds air to water, water to water and heat pump chiller products, all of which are fully run tested before shipment. Witness testing is also available.

Aermec is unique due to advantages including low sound levels, desuperheaters, domestic water heating and a slew of factory mounted options that optimize packaged offerings.

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Fan Coils and Chillers

  • World’s Quietest Fan Coils, 200-1300 CFM
  • 2-290 Ton Air to Water Chillers
  • 31-139 Ton Water to Water Chillers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Simultaneous Heating and Cooling
  • Desuperheaters
  • Modular Units